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News & Insights
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News & Insights
A New Etiquette For Video Meetings
14th July, 2020
Expensive AI Will Get You Nowhere Without Cultural Change
17th February, 2020
Executive Pay: Fair or Unfair, Scrutiny Will Only Increase
15th January, 2020
Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year!
18th December, 2019
Bah Humbug! A Third of the Nation's Workers Have Never Had a Christmas Bonus
2nd December, 2019
Brainstorming Doesn't Work: The Case For Individual Creativity
4th November, 2019
Complacency Will Kill Your Business. Here's How To Avoid It
16th October, 2019
Operations vs Strategy: How CEOs Can Get The Balance Right
9th September, 2019
Persuasion: How to Win in Psychological Warfare
5th August, 2019
R&D Spending Has Dramatically Surpassed Advertising Spending
3rd July, 2019
Have firms become complacent about marketing and sustaining their brands? There is some evidence that the corporate marketing function has lost budget, head count, and influence.
3 Ways Executives Can Manage Challenging Moments in Their Careers
29th May, 2019
An inflection point is often thought of as the biggest disruption an industry can face. One might occur, for example, when incumbents get rattled by competitors exploiting new technologies.But these intensely challenging moments not only happen in companies and industries, they happen in careers, as well.
Strategy Is Necessary But Not Sufficient For Business Success
8th April, 2019
How To Pitch For Big Clients As A Small Business
5th March, 2019
Should All Companies Have a Shadow Executive Committee?
22nd January, 2019
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019!
12th December, 2018
Why Even AI-Powered Factories Will Have Jobs for Humans
4th December, 2018
It was going to be the factory of the future. Dubbed the “Alien Dreadnought,” Tesla’s new manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, was designed to be fully automated — no humans need apply.The problem, as the company painfully discovered, was that full automation wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be.
Don't Assume Directors Understand Finance
6th November, 2018
Don't Try to Be the "Fun Boss"
1st October, 2018
Just becoming a leader is enough to exacerbate some people’s unethical tendencies. But power does not corrupt everyone. Our research suggests that key personality characteristics predict unethical leadership behavior.
The UK Needs a Manufacturing Resurgence - and a Weak Pound
7th September, 2018
How To Tell If Your Business Is Dead Inside
31st July, 2018
Most New CEOs Are Overwhelmed, Say Job Is Harder Than Expected
24th April, 2018
New chief executives, particularly those who are promoted from within, say they feel overwhelmed and unprepared -- especially since they’re increasingly called on to speak out on social issues.
Effective Onboarding Can Prevent Executive Failure
14th March, 2018
Recruiting a new leader can take considerable time and resource. However once the executive joins the company, the onboarding process often doesn’t receive the same level of commitment and focus as the recruitment process, despite the well-known cost of executive failure, estimated to be at least 10 times the executive’s salary.Effective onboarding programmes can improve the chances of success.
Investors Look at Quality of Management
8th February, 2018
The quality of an organisation's management is a factor used by analysts when making investment decisions, a CIPD research report reveals.
2018 Trends for Executive Resumes
22nd January, 2018
Business executives need resumes too, despite vast amounts of technology and resources at their fingertips that help them to take their careers to the next level. Executive resumes must have modern updates to keep with the times. Take a look at some 2018 trends to keep your vital document at the forefront of people's minds as you look to lead a company.
How To Create Employee Buy-in
4th December, 2017
Wondering why your employees don’t fully engage with your company strategy, values or change initiative? Consider using personal stories to support your logic.
Extreme Dedication to your Career Damages Long-Term Success, Research Reveals
1st November, 2017
People who feel their work is integral to their lives and identity may actually find it difficult to sustain productivity over long periods of time, new research from King’s Business School suggests.
How to Lead the Team You Inherit
3rd October, 2017
You rarely get the team you want when you join a new company as CEO. So how should you go about leading your colleagues?
Onboarding Isn’t Enough
7th September, 2017
An executive we’ll call Lucas Jacobsen was ready for a new challenge. So after more than a decade at a Fortune 100 diversified manufacturing firm, where he had risen to lead product development in the power systems division, he decided to move on. He accepted an offer to head up R&D at Energix, a rapidly growing manufacturer of power system instruments. But his previous experience had not prepared him to operate in this much smaller business with its consensus-driven culture.
Dealing With Defections of Senior Employees to Rivals
4th August, 2017
Employers need ‘clean hands’ to seek injunctive relief against a former employee in breach of contract, explains legal expert Michelle Tudor
What Makes a Great CEO?
3rd July, 2017
What factors predict high CEO approval? This study provides a new statistical analysis of Glassdoor CEO approval ratings, a unique measure of CEO quality from the employees’ perspective. We show the statistical impact of company culture, CEO characteristics and company financial performance on CEO approval ratings for a sample of large, publicly traded companies in the United States.
IESF in Top 25 List of Global Talent Providers 2017
2nd June, 2017
We are very proud to announce the inclusion of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) in the Top 25 list of global talent providers for 2017 compiled by Hunt Scanlon. Kilpatrick feels highly privileged to be the UK partner of such a great team. Many thanks to all our clients, candidates, partners and collaborators.
Why CMOs Rarely Become CEOs?
16th May, 2017
Last week I was with a marketing professor who lamented that in his interactions with public policy makers, he observed that they did not respect marketing. In my book, Marketing as Strategy, I presented data to demonstrate that executives who had grown up in the marketing function rarely made it to the CEO position.
Getting More Women into the C-Suite Means Keeping Them in the Talent Pipeline
12th April, 2017
Women now make up nearly 60 percent of college graduates in the US, as well as more than 50 percent of graduate school classes in many traditionally male fields, including law and medicine. Yet despite these gains, equality has not been reached in business, especially at the most senior levels.
8 Leadership Lessons from History
21st March, 2017
Napoleon, Empress Wu, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oliver Cromwell, Akbar, Stalin. History provides many examples of strong leaders who left their marks, for better or for worse.
Four Leadership Principles for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
2nd March, 2017
Every day we see the emergence of new technologies. And every day we see a widening gap between progress and society’s ability to cope with its consequences. Whether it is an impending shift in the nature of work as technology changes production systems, or the ethical implications of reengineering what it means to be human, the changes we see around us threaten to overwhelm us if we cannot collaborate to understand and direct them.
Intuition versus AI - The Future Leadership Dilemma
13th January, 2017
Merry Christmas and A Happy 2017!
15th December, 2016
Forget About Your Brilliant Idea—You Only Need to Be 10 Percent Better to Win
14th December, 2016
You've read about being 10 percent happier, but what about being 10 percent better?
Who Are Your Key Clients?
6th December, 2016
Determining who your key clients are is an important issue for executive search firms aiming to grow. It’s much simpler to be clear about the difficult ones than it is to be sure of knowing who your most valuable clients are, the ones you want to keep.
Finding Directors That Add Value To Growth-Stage Companies
8th November, 2016
A highly effective board makes a key contribution to the success of the business, and this is particularly true for growth-stage companies. Assembling the right group of board directors can be a challenging task.
Global Vision Top Trait for Incoming CEOs
20th October, 2016
Two Thirds of CEOs From the Largest European Companies Have Overseas Experience. It Is An Increasingly Common Requirement, But Without a Global View Prospective Chief Executives Are Holding Their Careers Back. Let's Look At Some New Trend Data From DHR International
IESF: Character is One Key In Cross-Border Leadership Hires
14th October, 2016
Character, chemistry and cultural sensitivity are key criteria that C-suite leaders look for when identifying and onboarding leaders at their global operations. This is the conclusion of CEOs and international search executives who met recently in Cleveland at the annual meeting of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF), hosted recently by ASLON Group.
Female Leaders Boost Profit
5th October, 2016
Companies with no women in board or C-suite positions lose out financially, according to new Research by the Peterson Institute of Economics.
10 Tips To Make The Most Of Your First 100 Days
3rd August, 2016
As Theresa May is about to find out, it's vital for new leaders to get off to a flying start. Here are 10 tips from the C-Suite that you don't even have to be in cabinet to learn from.By Andrew Saunders Read the full article here
The Impact Of Brexit On Executive Search
14th July, 2016
The Brexit “leave” vote was something of a surprise; now, we must wade through the short-term economic slide.
Do All Leadership Careers End in Failure?
28th June, 2016
“All political careers end in failure” the saying goes, and many would agree. The fallout from the Brexit vote would appear to support this. But to what extent, if at all, does this apply to business leaders?
How to Hire for Cultural Fit
2nd June, 2016
In a recent post – How to Hire for Motivation – and as part of this "How to Hire" series I suggested interviewers need to break through the veneer of presentation skills to accurately assess both competency AND motivation. It’s important to recognize that motivation to get a job and social assertiveness is not motivation to do the job.
Brazil: Opportunity in Crisis
10th May, 2016
Brazil is suffering from a toxic cocktail of economic, political, and public health crises. Once hailed as a beacon of emerging market growth, the country now wallows in pessimism.
IESF EMEA Conference in Warsaw
22nd April, 2016
As the UK partner of the International Executive Search Federation (IESF), Robert Kilpatrick attended and presented at the EMEA conference which was held in Warsaw on 14th 15th  April and hosted by our Poland partner, NAJ International at the Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel. 
Top Leadership Qualities In Today’s Unpredictable World
13th April, 2016
For the foreseeable future, the world won’t be a stable or predictable place like it used to be.
Winning Through Commonsense
31st March, 2016
Success is the perpetual pursuit of all working human beings. There are innumerable ingredients for success, but one of the most essential ones I find today is commonsense.
Don’t Ask Standard Interview Questions
15th March, 2016
When interviewing a candidate for a strategically important position, do try and avoid asking standard interview questions such as: What are your weaknesses? Why do you think you’ll be successful? Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Candidates have heard it all before and in any case, what on earth do you do with the answers?
Where Are They Now? - A Study of High Potential Candidates
10th March, 2016
Where Are They Now? Interview With Sheuli Porkess, Medical Director - Almirall
8th March, 2016
10 Key Characteristics Of High Performing Sales Directors
23rd February, 2016
Recruiting a new sales director is  a challenging  decision for a CEO. Find the right person and the business’s performance increases significantly, building growth and creating shareholder value. Get it wrong and not only does the business go backwards, but the CEO’s own survival is at stake.
How Boards Interview CEO Candidates
18th February, 2016
When we work with boards of directors to help them prepare to interview CEO candidates, we develop an interview guide that will organize the conversation, which typically runs for 90 minutes.  While interviews are only one step in a CEO hiring process, along with in-depth referencing and executive assessments, it is not an over-statement to say that they are the lynch-pin in the process.
SCC Recruitment Forum - How to Find the Best Executive Talent in the UK
5th February, 2016
Robert Kilpatrick presented at the Recruitment Forum 2016, hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, on 2nd February at the Pullman London St. Pancras Hotel. The event was a platform for business and HR leaders looking to gain insight into current recruitment strategies and to share experiences and expertise.
Big Company Innovation Is Not an Oxymoron
2nd February, 2016
When I joined Microsoft in 1988, the company had a bit over 3,000 employees, and while it was beyond being a startup, it was far from a mature company.  By the time we began the Xbox project in 1999, Microsoft was a Fortune 10 Company with almost 40,000 employees in 70 countries and businesses that ranged from operating systems to mission-critical enterprise applications to mice and keyboards.
5 Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2016
22nd January, 2016
Over the past few weeks I’ve read countless lists of predictions for 2016, whether those be in the world of politics, business, science or sports. Undoubtedly the year has seen a volatile start in the business world with stock markets indicating a greater level of investor nervousness. However, whether the year turns out to be a good one or a more challenging one, one thing that is important to each of us, and which we can do something about, is our career.
The Number One New Year’s Resolution Every Leader Should Make
6th January, 2016
I’ve written previously about my view of the three most important metrics to measure a business’s health.  They are employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.  While each of these is important, the latter two are difficult for an individual to change quickly.  Employee engagement, however, is something that is in the hands of every leader, every day -- whether you're managing one, ten, a thousand, or ten thousand.
Merry Christmas and A Happy 2016!
16th December, 2015
3 Ways to Take Action in the Face of Uncertainty
9th December, 2015
If you’ve ever caught a deer in your headlights, you’ve seen that the first reaction to uncertainty is to freeze. The status quo seems the safest situation from which to assess.
Recruiting A CTO In Your Own Image Doesn’t Work
1st December, 2015
When recruiting a CTO, the first thing to avoid is thinking you know exactly what you need - and that is another version of you.
Telling Someone They’re Talented Is Disastrous
27th November, 2015
Psychologist Adrian Furnham on why our traditional approach to high potential means we miss out on the real superstars.
Entrepreneurs Know When To Move On
19th November, 2015
There are many lessons that we could learn from the leaders of the entrepreneurial revolution. History may show this movement to be comparable to the industrial revolution – far fewer people are working on a factory assembly line, and increasingly fewer people are chained to their desks from 9-5. People are taking control of their own destinies, running their own businesses or joining the “gig economy.”
Moving Successfully From the Military to Business
11th November, 2015
Transitioning from a career as a senior military officer into an executive role in the business world can at first sight appear daunting. However it can be achieved successfully if the right steps are taken. Firstly it is important to understand the key differences between military and civilian working environments. 
Hire Outsiders the Way You Promote Insiders
3rd November, 2015
If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s pretty hard to figure out if you’ve found it.When it comes to hiring people, knowing what you’re looking for needs to be determined long before you start looking, but the clues are found in every performance review. 
Are You A Square Peg Trying To Fill A Round Hole?
27th October, 2015
Marc Miller of Career Pivot asks: Are you the square peg trying to fit into a round hole in your career? 
Why Business Needs Diversity of Thought
20th October, 2015
Diversity is taking on a new meaning among businesses recruiting key people to deliver their strategic goals. Most large companies utilise diversity initiatives to provide jobs and career opportunities for underrepresented groups, but recruitment policies rarely target candidates who think differently and don’t fit the culture in place. Diversity of thought is becoming an important recruitment strategy for today’s leading businesses.
Leadership Determines the Success of Private Equity Backed Businesses
13th October, 2015
In the world of private equity today, investors are much more than financial experts. They know that leadership ability and relevant management experience is also key to achieving good returns and a timely exit for their portfolio companies. The success of PE investors depends very much on their ability to attract and retain outstanding executives.
Candidates In The Driving Seat?
5th October, 2015
An increasing number of companies are finding it difficult to fill senior, middle management and specialist positions which has led to candidates having more choice in dictating terms and remuneration packages and the selection process itself.
The Two Essential Entrepreneurial Types
28th September, 2015
Piero Formica of the International Entrepreneurship Academy examines the difference between “ path finders” and  “path creators”. One is rarer than the other.
Robert Kilpatrick Celebrates 25 Years in Executive Search
21st September, 2015
Robert Kilpatrick is delighted to be celebrating 25 years in executive search this September.
A Market Champion For FFEI’s Life Science Business Has Been Hired
8th September, 2015
Kilpatrick are pleased to report that Firat Elbeyioglu has been placed as Product Manager at FFEI, the industry leader in digital imaging. In this exciting new role Firat will be the market champion for FFEI’s Life Science technology and product developments from conception through to end of life, and will play a key role in growing the digital pathology business. Firat joins from Cambridge Life Sciences where he held the role of Business Manager. He has a first class honours degree in Biochemistry and a masters in Cell Signalling.
How To Manage People Who Are Smarter Than You
17th August, 2015
The best managers hire smart people to work for them. But what if your direct reports are smarter than you?
Remember When We Used To Speak?
6th August, 2015
Anne Carrigan (Taylor) of Eighty Seven Group looks at the extent to which organisations personally interact with future talent.
Do Leaders Hide Behind Collaboration?
29th July, 2015
Dale Harris and Tanny Joyce of Apex Performance Strategies examine collaboration in organizations and ask when is it the most appropriate approach?
Mirage Health Group appoints Business Development Manager- Europe
21st July, 2015
Kilpatrick are pleased to announce that Stephen Ellis has been appointed Business Development Manager- Europe at Mirage Health Group, the market leader in innovative ear care technology. As part of Mirage’s strategy for international expansion, Stephen will focus on the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and be responsible for developing business within existing and new accounts. Stephen is fluent in German and French and can also speak Spanish.
Attraction is Key
10th July, 2015
As the shortage of structural engineers looks set to continue, Robert Kilpatrick looks at ways of recruiting effectively in this buoyant market.
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